Marina Zaloznaya

Marina Zaloznaya photo
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Northwestern University
W133 Seashore Hall

Spring 2016 Office Hours:
Fri 2:00 - 5:00 PM

Marina Zaloznaya's research interests include organizational and economic crime, non-democratic governance, and comparative-historical research methods. Her book, The Politics of Bureaucratic Corruption in Eastern Europe (forthcoming with Cambridge University Press) explores the impact that hybrid political regimes of Ukraine and Belarus have on informal economies of local universities. Pr. Zaloznaya’s current work continues to focus on structural causes and consequences of corruption and anti-corruption, including the effects of institutional equilibrium on citizens’ illegal behavior in organizations, effects of corruption on popular electoral and attitudinal support of political regimes, and different ways that anti-corruptionism shapes the distribution of political power in Russia, Georgia, and Ukraine. Professor Zaloznaya teaches both graduate and undergraduate courses, including courses on global and white collar crime, human rights, sociology of law, and comparative-historical methods.