Thank You Program Recipients

This program recognizes staff members who have gone above and beyond to be of assistance to faculty, other staff members, or students. Recognition is acknowledged with a thank you note sent by the Dean and the Staff Recognition Committee on behalf of the nominator.

Staff Recognized March 2017-February 2018


Name Department
Melia Pieper Dean's Office
Jacquie Albrecht Cinematic Arts
Rebecca Tritten Division of Word Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Matt Swanson CLAS IT
Jenna Miller Division of World Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Brenda Gritsch Dean's Office
Emily Haworth Dean's Office
Pattie Kimbrough Dean's Office
Alaina Hanson Dean's Office
Dian Gottlob Dean's Office
Allison Bierman Dean's Office
Karen Noggle Dean's Office
Isaac Podolefsky CLAS IT
Jenny Britton CLAS Human Resources
Sherry Roe Dean's Office
Kari Gates CLAS Human Resources
Carole Kern  Dean's Office 
Kathy Hall CLAS Academic Programs & Student Development
Peter Hubbard CLAS Academic Programs & Student Development
Diane Hauser CLAS Academic Programs & Student Development
Catherine Till Computer Science
Sherry Roe Dean's Office
Nick Carino-Marek  CLAS IT/Geographical & Sustainability Sciences
Jon Yates CLAS IT/Biology
Cindy Van Ark   Mathematics
Doug Slauson Mathematics


Staff Recognized March 2016 - February 2017

Name Department
Laura Barnard CLAS Administration
Nick Carino-Marek CLAS Technology Services
Wendy Danger CLAS Dean's Office
Margie Ebert Statistics & Actuarial Science
Aaron Elam ITS
Mike Estenson Chemistry Electronic Shop
Andy Evans CLAS
Nick Francisco Chemistry
Megan Gioielli CLAS Administration
Dian Gottlob CLAS Administration
Kathy Hall CLAS Administration
Bob Irwin CLAS IT
Ruthina Malone Psychological & Brain Sciences
Kyle Marxen CLAS Accounting Group
Keith Miller Psychological & Brain Sciences
Shonda Monette Chemistry
Wanda Osborn Communication Studies
Elana Osinskaya DWLLC
Chris Piker Physics & Astronomy
Merry Powell DWLLC
Saralyn Richardson CLAS Dean's Office
Heather Roth Statistics and Actuarial Science
Terry Tharp CLAS IT
Frank Turner Chemistry


Staff Recognized March 2015–February 2016

Name Department
Rebekah Ahrens CLAS IT
Jan Barnholdt Physics & Astronomy
Irina Bassis Statistics & Actuarial Science
Maria Bertorello Physics & Astronomy
Jenny Britton English, Rhetoric, Philosophy, Linguistics
Jon Burke CLAS Administration
Nicholas Carino-Marek Earth & Environmental Sciences
Joyce Chrisinger Physics & Astronomy
Wendy Danger CLAS Administration
Susan Dirks Social Work
Jeremy Faden Physics & Astronomy
Larry Granroth Physics & Astronomy
George Hospodarsky Physics & Astronomy
Greg Johnson DWWLC IT
Tom Koeppel Biology
Andy Kopf Physics & Astronomy
Kathy Kurth Physics & Astronomy
Phil Maul CLAS IT
Patrick Mendoza CLAS Administration
Shelli Meyer Chemistry
Heather Mineart Physics & Astronomy
Shonda Monette Chemistry
Wanda Osburn Communication Studies
Julie Ostrem Communication Sciences & Disorders
Chris Piker Physics & Astronomy
Isaac Podolefsky CLAS Administration
Julie Rogers CLAS Administration
Laura Schipper CLAS Administration
Andrea Shaevitz Physics & Astronomy
Kris Sigsbee Physics & Astronomy
Shari Sorensen CLAS Administration
Jenifer Steil CLAS IT
Dale Stille Physics & Astronomy
Matthew Swanson CLAS IT
Christy Thies Social Work
Kris Thompson Physics & Astronomy
Maureen Walterhouse Religious Studies
Kristen Wolf

CLAS Administration



Staff Recognized March 2014–February 2015

Name Department
Kathy Rebal CSD
Eileen Sullivan Biology
Pat Arkema

Art & Art History

Tom Koeppel Biology
Becky Kick SJMC
Mark Fullenkamp CLAS Web Services
Denise Hamer DWLLC
Bob Irwin CLAS IT
Lyle Juracek Dance
Michele Ketchum SJMC
Cheri Hansen-Reiskamp English
John Compton English
Laura Kastens American Studies
Mark Bennett CLAS Web Services
Cole Metcalf DWLLC
Tammy Siegel Statistics & Acturarial Science
Becky Kick JMC
Michele Ketchum JMC
Janet Erickson CLAS IT Services
Jen Reynolds CLAS Finance
Kris Bevelacqua Rhetoric, Philosophy, Linguistics
Lyle Juracek Dance
Rachel Gold Biology
Steve Kehoe Biology
Larry Granroth Physics & Astronomy
Chris Piker Physics & Astronomy
Isaac Podolefsky Dean's Office
Paul Cunliffe Dance
Susan Sager Organizational Effectiveness, UI HR
Madison Bell Dance
Tammy Siegel Statistics
Laura Schipper CLAS Administration
Saralyn Schiek CLAS Administration
Kayt Conrad Division of Performing Arts
Karen Noggle CLAS Administration
Jeff Donoghue CLAS Finance


Staff Recognized March 2013–February 2014

Name Department
Andrea Shaevitz Department of Physics & Astronomy
Christine Stevens Department of Physics & Astronomy
Pat Arkema School of Art & Art History
Emily Campbell CLAS Finance
Chuck Wieland School of Social Work
Dan Knight Department of Dance
Bob Irwin CLAS IT
Merry Powell Division of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Madison Bell Department of Sociology
Cherie Hansen-Rieskamp Department of English
Shonda Monette Department of Chemistry
Rita Schmidt School of Music
Laura Schipper CLAS Administration
Chris Lake CLAS Administration
Lyle Juracek Department of Dance
Kayt Conrad Division of Performing Arts
Karna Wieck CLAS Finance
Tammy Siegel Department of Statistics & Actuary Science
Catherine Till Department of Computer Science
Barbara Yerkes CLAS Administration
Laura Kastens Department of American Studies
Maren Rogers CLAS Administration
Thomas Koeppel Department of Biology
Alaina Neu CLAS Administration
Dian Gottlob CLAS Administration
Lisa Gray

CLAS Administration

Elizabeth Curl

Department of English

Monica Madura Academic Programs
Dena Miller Department of Statistics & Actuarial Sciences
Michael Thornburg Department of Physics & Astronomy
Isaac Podolfsky CLAS IT
Nancy Fick CLAS Administration - HR
Maria Padron Department of Biology
Steve Kehoe Department of Biology
Becky Scott School of Journalism & Mass Communication
Jeff Donoghue CLAS IT
Robin Burns Department of Religious Studies
Joe Loria Department of Physics & Astronomy
Brianna Sanchez Language Media Center, DWLLC
Tim Kakavas School of Journalism & Mass Communication
Phil Maul CLAS IT
Maria Lukas Department of Dance
Lisa Brewster Department of Dance
Elise Johnson Department of Dance
Denise Hamer Division of World Language, Literature & Culture
Aaron Votroubek Department of Physics & Astronomy
Julie Rogers CLAS Administration
Jennifer Reynolds CLAS Finance



Staff Recognized March 2012–February 2013

Name Department
Mike Hendrickson CLAS IT
Bruce Ritchie Department of Biology
Bomo Shen Department of Biology
Bob Irwin CLAS IT
Joan Seye Department of Health & Human Physiology
Lauren Eldridge Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders
Dena Miller Department of Statistics & Actuarial Science
Becky Birch Department of Biology
Shelley Plattner Department of Biology
Matthew Brockman Department of Biology
Steve Kehoe Department of Biology
Hanh Kratz Department of Biology
Jeremy Richardson Department of Biology
Leslie Finer Division of Performing Arts
Lisa Gray CLAS Administration
Nic Arp CLAS Administration
Barb Yerkes CLAS Administration
Chuck Wieland School of Social Work
Jessie Trepanier Division of World Languages, Literatures & Cultures
Joyce Murphy Department of Health & Human Physiology
Catherine Till Department of Computer Science Department
Kathy Rebal Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders
Brenda Goode Department of Chemistry
Rosemary Zimmerman School of Journalism & Mass Communication
Brandon Alberhasky Department of Sociology
Jerri Wolfe Department of Health & Human Physiology
Troy Fitzpatrick Departments of Communication Studies/Cinema & Comparative Literature
Dan Knight Department of Dance
John Hawn CLAS Administration
Ben Speare CLAS Administration - Web Services
Mark Fullenkamp CLAS Administration - Web Services
Denise Hamer CLAS Administration
Alaina Neu CLAS Administration
Jeff Donoghue CLAS Finance
Sheryl Semler Department of Computer Science
Kristen Wolf CLAS Finance
Kate Thompson School of Music
Kathy Reeves School of Music
Pauline Wieland Plowman School of Music
Rita Schmidt School of Music
Kayt Conrad Division of Performing Arts
Emily Campbell CLAS Finance
Karna Wieck CLAS Finance