Star Volunteers

Community Leadership and Service Awards, Star Volunteer Award

CLAS embraces the philosophy that each individual can make a difference in the quality of life of others through voluntary acts of humanitarian, civic, and other service. The Community Leadership and Service program provides a means to recognize and encourage individual voluntary contributions of time and talent to the community. 

Nancy Fick, Star VolunteerNancy Fick of CLAS Administration
In nominating Nancy, Kayt Conrad said, “Every year at the CLAS Staff Recognition event when Nancy hands out awards to honor and thank all of us, many of us look sheepishly at each other and say, ‘You know, one of us should have nominated Nancy for all of the volunteer work she does.’ This year we finally remembered.” Nancy has been volunteering at the Agape Cafe, a weekly breakfast program for the homeless, at Old Brick for a number of years. Every week while school is in session, 70 to 95 homeless and low-income guests are seated at tables with tablecloths, order from menus, and have their orders taken and breakfasts served by students and community volunteers. Nancy also volunteers as a campus conversation partner, helping to welcome and acclimate non-native speakers to the University of Iowa and to Iowa City.

Joyce McKinley of the Division of Performing Arts
Joyce was nominated by Kellie Kucera. Joyce volunteers with the Iowa Children of Promise organization that partners volunteer "mentors" with children from families that have a parent, guardian, or significant family member incarcerated, on parole, on probation, or with a history of any of these things. Youth are also eligible if they have a Juvenile Courts Record. This program strives to give the children a friend that they can turn to for advice, guidance and a role model. This is an amazing gift of time to a child in our community. 

Rita Schmidt, Star VolunteerRita Schmidt of the School of Music
Rita, who was nominated by Kellie Kucera, volunteers for the Iowa City Friday Night Concert Series. She was its director from 2008 to 2010 and is now a committee member. They select and book the bands that play every Friday and Saturday night from the middle of May to the first of September in downtown Iowa City. She also works at the events and makes announcements at the shows.

Division of Performing Arts food drive volunteers: Elise Johnson, Kellie Kucera, Sue Orhon, Kathy Reeves, Rita Schmidt, and Kate Thompson

These staff members in the Division of Performing Arts divided up the responsibility of coordinating a food drive that collected 831 pounds of food for the Johnson County Crisis Center in December 2012.

staff members in the Division of Performing Arts